The Priority Consultants Group has appointed a Culture Committee with representatives from each of the cross-functional teams to work together and help define all aspects of the organisational culture as it evolves.


  • Act as “custodian” of the company’s culture as reflected in the Fair Employment policy and the Core Values.
  • Lead the effort to educate all staff on the importance and relevance of these values to the company and individual members.
  • Identify and highlight examples of good behaviour in the workplace to inculcate the positive elements inherent in the core values.
  • Provide a contact point for any member of staff to raise any concerns and escalate to the individual manager or the HR Department as appropriate.
  • Gather new and innovative ideas, suggestions and commitments from the staff to strengthen the corporate culture and behaviour and solicit feedback before any implementation to build a greater sense of community.


  • Identify and host at least 4 annual activities to promote and seek feedback on the company culture.
  • Define the Core Values in order to manage and sponsor the Core Values Awards (the ERICs) which is open to all staff throughout the organisation and recognises/ applauds supportive behaviour.
  • Report to the Management Team on the success of the various initiatives and present any required changes to policies, new ideas to inculcate the desired corporate culture.


The culture committee should comprise representatives from each division of the company regardless of position, tenure or seniority. They should represent the entire staff population in terms of age, race and gender to create an inclusive environment and ideally should volunteer rather than be co-opted to take on this role.
The committee Co-Chairperson will be from the Senior Leadership team to provide support and ensure that decisions and recommendations and followed through. The Chairperson is elected from among the Members who are re-elected / volunteer each year.